AIM’s laboratory is one of the best-equipped lab in the country with the latest and modern equipment and testing devices that satisfactory performance of a bitumen can be ensured. With the help of professional chemical engineers quality has been measured according to European and American standards (ASTM and AASHTO) in order to supply superior quality.

The list of equipment.

Item Name of equipment Factory Country
1 Penetration Koehler U.S.A
2 Water bath of penetration Koehler U.S.A
3 Softening point Tavanradasa co Iran
4 Ben murray water bath Shimaz Iran
5 Viscosity bath Azmayesh Abzar Iran
6 Flash point Azmayesh Abzar Iran
7 Vacuum pump Korea
8 Ductility Azmayesh Abzar Iran
9 Digital scale 4 zero Vira shin co Japan
10 Digital scale 2 zero Vira shin co Japan
11 Oven South Korea
12 Penetration Azmayesh Abzar Iran
13 Water bath Shimaz Iran
14 Thermo hydrometer TFA Germany
15 Stopwatch TFA Germany
16 Softening point Koehler U.S.A
17 Water bath Koehler U.S.A
18 Thin film oven test Matest Italy
19 Flash point Koehler U.S.A
20 Ductility Koehler U.S.A
21 Flash point (medium curing cut back) Matest Italy
22 Hot plate Pars Azma Iran
23 Mixer Pars Azma Iran
24 Heating mantle of distillation MTOPC Turkey
25 Rotational viscometer Brookfield U.S.A
26 Automatic distillation of atmospheric Parsian Technology Iran
27 Weight reference China